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Today is June 14th. On this day 66 years ago we gained and 33 years ago lost Marhum Ahmad Zahir, the Legend and son of Afghanistan. A man who has been a part of our joys, sorrows, loneliness, good days and bad days. So on this important day we raise our hands in prayer and say Khoda Bowad Hamrait, Quran posht o pana hait. Ameen!

We bring to you a project close to our heart. Rishad Zahir interviewing Wali Jan Ashparie of Ariana Studio who shares his
memories in and out of the studio with Marhum ahmad Zahir. He has also enhanced one of his great songs. Rishad Zahir wanted to be the interviewer in this project because he wanted not only Marhum Ahmad Zahir's fans, but also musicians to get his perspective of what it was like to Record the Legend Marhum Ahmad Zahir.

We want to thank Wali Jan for taking part in this special project, Rasekh Jan Jelani of RJ Studio for putting it all together, and Hamzaa Jan Aziz for sharing some special photos of our Legend with all of us. Thanks again to everyone for being a part of this very special project.
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Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers around the world. Wish you all a wonderful day. Roz Muqadas Modar barai hama Modaran tabreek bashad. Da Mor Wraz mo Mubark sha.........
The AZW Team would like to share a Majlisi recording of Ustad Naim Nazary and Rishad Zahir with Ustad Toryalai Hashimi on Tabla performing "Por Khod Numa" of Marhom Ustad Sarahang. The Poem is by Hazrat Bedil.
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